Kristen Habetz

Kristen Habetz

Houston, Texas Area

Sales Consultant at Gray & Associates Events/

Marketing Specialist at Hotel Data



    I live in Houston TX but my real home is in Denver!! I can not wait to go back home!!! That being said, I am a HUGE Denver Broncos Fan. I enjoy being outside and traveling. (wish I could do more of it ) I would consider myself a career driven woman. I have a passion for what I do. I have many years of hotel experience but I also understand that there is always room to grow and improve my skills. I set goals and regularly adjust as needed, in order improve my weaknesses. I would say, I have a great attitude, team oriented, great communication skills and love to solve problems. I like to find ways to provide a WIN/WIN situation for all parties involved with personal/work related situations. I am skilled in finding creative, inexpensive ways to bring in new clients, maintain accounts and getting my team engaged. I don't make promises unless I can keep them, keeping promises is extremely important in my industry. I can promise every day I will give my all because I love what I do.

    Job experience

    • March 2016 - present
      Marketing Specialist
      Hotel Data
    • July 2016 - present
      Sales Manager
      Hotel City Rates
      Katy, Texas
    • September 2016 - present
      Sales Consultant
      Gray & Associates Events
      Houston, Texas Area