Dr. Alan Beaulieu

Dr. Alan Beaulieu

Greater Chicago Area

Special Educator at Kenosha Unified School District

Special Educator at Kenosha Unified School District

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    My life pursuits have been guided through education as a public school educator in multiple roles. I have been fortunate to been introduced to educational models in a number of settings. The past thirty years are filled with collegial connections that have defined the educator I am today. As I near retirement in the next few years from the public school sector, I am looking for opportunities to share my successes and struggles with future educators in the hope that the next generation of teachers are better equipped to meet the next set of challenges. My personal passions lie within the natural setting. I truly believe that all of us benefit from time spent exploring the vast wonders that await in nature through the lens of education. I have witnessed countless times the expressions of joy and wonder in those who are introduced to our amazing classroom called Earth in all seasons. Our future is definitely brighter than many think. We have to cultivate the positive thoughts and aspirations of our youngest citizens and guide them to contribute to an amazing outcome.

    Job experience

    • September 1990 - present
      Special Educator
      Kenosha Unified School District