Carlos R. Chacon

Carlos R. Chacon

Toronto, Canada Area

Currently seeking opportunities, Product Specialist, QA Analyst, Startup Aficionado

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    My biggest aspiration is to build greater educational and economic opportunities for everyone through innovative technology and creativity. I spent a lot of my childhood in Guatemala seeing poverty firsthand asking myself "what made me different?" and “why was I lucky enough to have food on the table and clean clothes on my back?” I learned from an early age the consequences of poverty in a society full of inequality and those lessons shaped me into the man I am today. In university, I quickly discovered that the best form of eradicating most of the world's problems is through education. I started a chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity in Ottawa and I am proud of creating an organization that challenged all the negative stereotypes associated with fraternities and turned them into a force for good. This grassroots organization has taught over 200 young men through community service, philanthropic events, scholarship requirements, and fellowship that lessons are not only taught in the classroom but through the activities learned outside of it. I also had the honor of being elected into the role of VP Internal Affairs for the Carleton University Students' Association. I represented over 24,000 students on various committees, helped organize the largest student-run orientation week, signing authority for a budget over two million dollars, and was the executive in charge of all the internal operations of the association. I worked for an educational startup and have helped it grow into one of the most respected organizations in Toronto. I am lucky that I managed to turn my passion for technology and education into invaluable career skills. I know the formula that contributes to a vibrant startup culture and how to properly implement lean and agile methodologies. Specialities: quality assurance, product management, mobile app development, business development, relationship building, management, strategic process development, community outreach.