Bradley Chaddick

Bradley Chaddick

Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

Security Professional and Risk Management Consultant

Campus Safety Officer at University of Denver



    I am a highly skilled, trained, and experienced security professional with a passion for crime prevention, risk management, and community relations. As a team player I have been recognized for exemplifying organizational vision and spearheading collaborative projects that advanced the department’s mission and reinforced the company’s brand. I am guided by a strong personal moral compass and am driven to personally excel in all that I do at the highest level of integrity.

    Job experience

    • November 2015 - present
      Recruiter and Team Builder
      Harvard Risk Management
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      Building a team of passionate entrepreneurs that want to help individuals, families, and small businesses protect themselves from the risk and liabilities that are common in today's society.

      Harvard Risk Management is on of the largest brokers of risk management solutions in North America. We partner with Legalshield and Kroll Investigations in order to offer the top-of-the-line legal access services and ID theft protection to our clients.

    • February 2014 - present
      Campus Safety Officer
      University of Denver
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      Highly involved in the Departments 'Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving' efforts and have participated in several community outreach and prevention activities. I have initiated and currently lead a new committee that is created to improve Department's organizational culture.